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The special inverter for water supply

Date: 2018-08-11

The special inverter for water supply

The constant pressure water supply with inverter has such advantages as high efficiency, energy saving, stable pressure, reliable running, simple operation, convenient installation, small footprint, low noise, pollution-free, low investment, and high benefit.

Municipal works

The special inverter for water supplyThe special inverter for water supplyThe special inverter for water supply

A waste incineration project

 in Fujian

Large scale circulation cooling water pum
The special inverter for water supplyThe special inverter for water supplyThe special inverter for water supply

Control cabinet of a square 

fountain in Jiujiang. Applied for 

pump control

Scene of the water supply in 

Shenzhen. Applied to constant

 pressure water supply

Scene of the water supply Applied

 to the control of circulation 

cooling water in steel plant

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