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We held a "how to improve service" training in Shenzhen, NanYong Hotel, 10 April 2011 , more than 100 delegates, cooperative partners spoke enthusiastically, especially the Wang general manager from Jia Teng "knowledge of the service," speech to get everyone’s sympathy.The core of the training philosophy is: Love is the heart felt needs of others and give others the greatest help. Job is to sow love. Increasing customer happiness. Service for the cause of it, is as important as human life.
发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 24
May 26, 2011 -29 days, Shenzhen V&T Technology Co., Ltd. participated the "China International Ceramics Industry Exhibition 2011 " in GuangZhou, YongZhou Hotel, the exhibition organized by the China Ceramic Industry Association, is the largest ceramic industry event in Asia, m more than 600 well-known exhibitors came from 16 countries and regions. Shenzhen V&T Technology Co., Ltd. as a supplier of ceramic machinery equipment gorgeous debut at the show, which attracted many customers come to visit. Our inverter application features and advantages in the ceramics industry ...
发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 24
Injection moulding machine motor energy saving four ways: V / F control inverter +asynchronous motor: without feedback system, low control precision, is out of type.Vector control inverter + asynchronous motor + current feedback: easy to install, cost-effective. Vector control driver + synchronous motor + speed feedback + pressure feedback: fast system response, the high price, high maintenance costs.Vector control driver + asynchronous motor + speed feedback + current feedback: the second and third approach combines the advantages of the system to respond quickly, cost-effective. Servo concep...
发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 24
May 29-June 3, 2011, ShenZhen V&T Technologies Co.,Ltd. held an inverter training courses in PuYangNanHua Sugar Group GuangXi LongZhou branch factory and GuangXi DongMen branch factory.PuYangNanHua Sugar Group is a trans-regional, country, industry, agriculture in one of the large enterprise groups. Main business is pruduce sugaring with sugarcane, sugarbeet; pulping and paper with bagasse; Alcohol and MSG with molasses fermentation; producing pellet feed with beet waste silk; bio-filter with sugar fermentation waste and sludge fertilizer; purchase and sale of related products, sugarcane p...
发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 24
V&T Technologies Co., Ltd. launches a new inverter special for water supply, the product with many practical and novelty features, and large start torque, protection function.The inverter special for water supply with multi-card matching , can realized real time monitoring, real time adjust output pressure according multi section pressure setting, auto switching, sleeping pump control, power frequency and convert frequency auto switch. Switching processes have been designed to make the switching process smooth, without shock and without water hammer phenomenon.With complete applications fo...
发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 24
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