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产品名称: E5-P multi pump control inverter for water supply
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With complete applications for water supply, with high efficiency, pressure stable, reliable, simple operation, easy installation, small footprint, low noise, no pollution, low investment, effective advantages. Widely used in:
1、Domestic water for buildings, urban areas, business units, public institutions.
2、Waterworks and modern irrigation.
3、The production, domestic water supply, constant pressure water supply, etc.
4、Musical Fountain of automatic water control.
5、Various types of central air-conditioning circulation pump, cooling water supply system.
6、High-rise buildings, hotels, restaurants and other domestic water supply system.
7、Market, office buildings, commercial buildings domestic water supply system.
8、High-rise buildings hot water supply and hot water heating system.
9、Various types of oil constant pressure supply, air constant pressure supply, fan constant pressure control system, etc.

size: 289017
Date: 2015 - 03 - 24
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