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产品名称: RS-P Solar Water Pump Controller
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RS−P Solar Water Pump Controller can accept PV input, single phase 220V and three-phase 380V inputs. It uses clean solar energy that is environment friendly and unlimited. It can also be powered by emergent diesel engine or grid power, and have variable frequency and energy saving features.

System components

The system mainly has 3 parts: power supply, controller and load. The power supply is PV (Photovoltaic) array, generator or grid. The controller is mainly the RS−P Solar Water Pump Controller. The load is 3-phase asynchronous motor or pump. The system does not need battery for storing energy, which not only cuts the cost, but also protects the environment.

Operating principles

RS−P Solar Water Pump controller converts DC into adjustable 3-phase AC and can track the maximum power change of PV panel array. The maximum peak power tracking (MPPT) technology ensures the input power to be at the peak power all the time. The tracking range is adjustable, which flexibly utilizes the PV characteristics of solar cells. The vector control technology can perform auto learning to 3-phase asynchronous motor, which increases the efficiency of the controller above 93%.



RS-P Solar Water Pump Controller

RS-P Solar Water Pump Controller

RS−P−4D5000 and below power class

RS-P Solar Water Pump Controller  RS-P Solar Water Pump Controller

RS−P−4D3600 to RS−P−4D17k

RS-P Solar Water Pump Controller  RS-P Solar Water Pump Controller

Product outline, mounting dimension, and weight

RS-P Solar Water Pump Controller

Note: 4D21k to 4D450k are customized units.

size: 3079799
Date: 2016 - 12 - 30
size: 2288736
Date: 2016 - 11 - 03
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