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发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 24
Appendix C  FAQI. In the case of vector control 2 with encoder speed feedback or torque control, why did the inverter have too large running current or report E.oL1 error?  A: Check the software setup: A: (1) Check if the motor parameters are properly set; A; (2) Check if the number of pulses per turn of the encoder Pd.21 is properly set; A: (3) Check if the deceleration ratio between motor and encoder Pd.24 is properly set; A: (4) If the above three parameters are properly set, change the value of Pd.22. If it is 0, change it to 1; while if it is 1, change it to 0. Check the hardware connection: A: (1) Check if the PG card matches the encoder; A: (2) Check if the PG card and the encoder are properly connected, check if there is any loose connection or broken wire; A: (3) Check i...
发布时间: 2015 - 03 - 24
Fault No.Fault codeFault descriptionPotential causesSolutions    Operation panel no display after power onR\S\T terminal without input terminal Use a multimeter to check input power whether the normalOperation panel abnormal connect with control boardCheck the connecting line between operation panel and control boardOperation panel extension line abnormalReplace operation panel extension lineInverter 75kW and below power class without short circuited with copper busInverter 90kW and above power class without connecting DC reactorInverter 75kW and below power class should short circuited with copper bus between +1 and +2 terminal, Inverter 90kW and above power class should connecting DC reactor between +1 and +2 terminal Flat cable of control board poor contactFlat cable between control boa...
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