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案例名称: Spinning-frame
说明: I. Technics Introduction The spinning-frame is main spinning machine. The yield and quality of spun yarn comprehensively reflects merits and shortcomings of each working procedure in spinning process. The spinning-frame's production unit is spindle. The yield (kg) per thousand spindle hour is frequently used to measure production-level of spinning-frame. The spinning mill's production scale is represented by total spindles of spinning-frame. The spinning yarn on each spindle would be broken for all kinds of reasons. The end breakage rate is frequently represented by number of broken ends per thousand spindle hour. The end breakage rate affects labour productivity, equipment productivity, spun yarn quality and workshop dust content.The spinning-frame is a machine with the most dissipation energy in spinning. Decreasing end breakage rate and energy saving is a technical level mark of spinning-frame.The inverter is rich in application experience in spinning industry,especially in spinning...
说明: E5 V5 V6  Hardware Digital input terminal X1~X4 X1~X7/DI X1~X7/DI Support DI input NO YES YES Digital putput terminal 1(Y1) 2(Y1 and Y2/DO) 2(Y1 and Y2/DO) Relay 1(RA-RB-RC) 1(RA-RB-RC) 1(RA-RB-RC) Analog 2(AI1 and AI2) 3(AI1、AI2、AI3) 3(AI1、AI2、AI3) Analog input support +10V~-10V NO YES(AI3) YES(AI3) Analog output 2 2 2 Support DO output NO YES(Y2/DO) YES(Y2/DO) Support dual 485 NO (*) YES YES Support operation panel 485 YES YES YES Support extension card NO(*) YES YES Support built in braking unit 15kw and below power built in as standard. 15kw and below power built in as standard. 15kw and below power built in as standard. Other power class only support external braking unit. 18.5kW~75kW braking unit can be optional. 18.5kW~75kW braking unit can be optional.   90kW and above only support external braking unit 90kW and above only support external braking unit (*)Note:If E5 series need terminal 485 or support extension card, should order non-standard control board. Vector contr...
案例名称: Auto tuning
说明: ◆ First step, must disconnected from the load. If the motor can be disconnected from the load, it can select rotation auto-tuning (P9.15=2), or it can select static auto-tuning only.◆ If the inverter power does not match the motor power, select static auto-tuning. after the tuning, manually change the no load current P9.05 to about 40% of the motor rated current P9.04◆ Setting P0.01=5,recover parameter to factory setting◆ Setting motor basic frequency P0.15 according to motor nameplate◆ Setting motor rated voltage P0.12 according to motor nameplate◆ Setting motor pole P9.01 according to motor nameplate◆ Setting motor rated rotation P9.02 according to motor nameplate◆ Setting motor rated power P9.03 according to motor nameplate◆ Setting motor rated current P9.04 according to motor nameplate◆ Setting P9.15=1 and pressure RUN key to perform static auto-tuning◆ Setting P9.15=2 and pressure RUN key to perform static rotating-tuning, if perform rotating-tuning, should be careful because the ...
说明: I. Product DescriptionV5 and V6 series inverter are high performance vector control inverter. The speed-sensorless vector control technology synchronous with currently international leading technology is adopted for product,which is not only provided with the same excellent control performance as international high-end frequency converter, but also combines application characteristics,further intensifying the product reliability and environmental adaptability. V&T inverter with large torque upon low frequency and rapid acceleration and deceleration, realizes fast response and applies to application characteristics of machine tool industry,satisfying processing technic demand of machinery device and improving processing efficiency.II. Industry lectotype and advantageIndustry lectotypeThe advanced speed-sensorless vector control technology is adopted for V5 and V6 series frequency converter. Under open loop vector control,0.25HZ can provide 180% startup torque and ±0.2% speed st...
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