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IntroductionRS−P Solar Water Pump Controller can accept PV input, single phase 220V and three-phase 380V inputs. It uses clean solar energy that is environment friendly and unlimited. It can also be powered by emergent diesel engine or grid power, and have variable frequency and energy saving features.System componentsThe system mainly has 3 parts: power supply, controller and load. The power supply is PV (Photovoltaic) array, generator or grid. The controller is mainly the RS−P Solar Water Pump Controller. The load is 3-phase asynchronous motor or pump. The system does not need battery for storing energy, which not only cuts the cost, but also protects the environment.Operating principlesRS−P Solar Water Pump controller converts DC into adjustable 3-phase AC and can track the maximum powe...
V6−H−2D/4D drive base on V6-H high performance vector and torque control technology, design for hybrid power vehicles and battery electric vehicles's demand, input DC power, output AC power, and the frequency and voltage can be change, which can be change by controller. The drive adopt vector and torque control technology, the international leading technology to ensure the drive has the same excellent performance compare with international high-end drive.
With complete applications for water supply, with high efficiency, pressure stable, reliable, simple operation, easy installation, small footprint, low noise, no pollution, low investment, effective advantages. Widely used in:1、Domestic water for buildings, urban areas, business units, public institutions.2、Waterworks and modern irrigation.3、The production, domestic water supply, constant pressure water supply, etc.4、Musical Fountain of automatic water control.5、Various types of central air-conditioning circulation pump, cooling water supply system.6、High-rise buildings, hotels, restaurants and other domestic water supply system. 7、Market, office buildings, commercial buildings domestic water supply system.8、High-rise buildings hot water supply and hot water heating system.9、Various types ...
V5-J energy-saving control cabinet, has the following characteristics:◆ Based on high performance sensorless vector control platform.◆ High energy saving rate, high return on investment to meet the injection moulding machine, air compressor, central air conditioning and other energy-saving project needs.◆ Perfect stand-alone duct design, the latter part, at the top of the fan can be easily dismantled for easy maintenance; dust, corrosion, environmental adaptability.◆ With superior load capacity, the frequency stability without tripping operation at any time and any impact deceleration load conditions, high efficiency.◆ Can be achieved power frequency and convert frequency switching.◆ Frequency operation when the switch to Support Y-△ starting.
V6-H-M1 used in CNC machine tools, has the following advantages: ◆ Compact structure: volume equivalent to 70% of the same power inverter. ◆ Low speed precision machining: with excellent low frequency and large torque performance to meet the spindle processing .(it can output 180% rated torque under 0.25Hz at motoring condition).◆ Torque and speed indicators: excellent performance to meet the sudden load and sudden unload requirements when cutting , dynamic torque response time less than 20ms, Speed stabilization precision reach ± 0.2%.Excellent control performance under speed sensorless vector control ◆ Realize AC motor decoupling,enabling the DC motorization of operation control. ◆ Figure 1 shows the speed sensorless vector control of the motor four-quadrant running, torque, current...
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